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Our goal is to provide predictions of migration flows to enhance humanitarian support

ITFLOWS  generates novel insights on the intersection between migration, technology, and human rights. The purpose of ITFLOWS is to provide migration flow predictions in the European Union in the phases of reception, relocation, settlement and integration of migration drawing on multiple sources of information and with a focus on human rights. These insights will be provided by an evidence-based ICT enabled solution (the EUMigraTool) and  models. All solutions have their fitness for purpose continually validated by policy-makers and practitioners in cooperation with civil-society organisations and in a dynamic and iterative process. 


with pending EU asylum applications as of June 2020 Eurostat


migrants and refugees arriving to Europe 1st quarter 2020


EU Resettled Refugees in 2019 Eurostat, data code TPS00195


EU acquisitions of citizenship (est.) in 2018 Eurostat

Latest Press

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ITFLOWS Project presented at the Dublin City University

During his invited lecture at Dublin City University on September 18, 2023, Dr. Haithem Afli delivered a captivating presentation that honed in on the profound influence of AI and Data Analytics in propelling the field of Computational Social Sciences forward. Dr. Afli’s discourse illuminated the extraordinary success of the transdisciplinary project, ITFLOWS, emphasizing its central … Continued

ITFLOWS Final Meeting

The Third -and Final- Annual Meeting of ITFLOWS Project took place in Brussels on 13 September September and it was organised in a hybrid scheme (presential/online). The event took place at the headquarters of Alliance 4 Universities and all ITFLOWS partners have participated. Work done under each Work Package during the last 18 months was … Continued

ITFLOWS Policy Workshop (Brussels)

On the 12th September 2023, the ITFLOWS Policy Workshop will take place at the Alliance4universities, in Brussels (Rue du Trône 62, 7th Floor). This event will mainly gather policy makers, and migration officers and researchers from different European countries. There will be four panels devoted to present and discuss the cluster of ITFLOWS Policy Briefs … Continued

EC’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum The European Commission (EC) recently published its New Pact on Migration and Asylum this past month, on September 23, consisting of a communication alongside a package of nine instruments. Read more »

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