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The ongoing multi-sided wars, the instable economic climate, the ever deteriorating living standards of a large part of the population of sub-Saharan Africa and of Middle East countries have led to an unprecedented increase in migration flows at Europe’s threshold, knocking on the door, in order to find a place in the sun, as Europe constitutes their ultimate destination.

ITFLOWS is an ambitious project implemented under the auspices of Horizon 2020 with the participation of Terracom SA in the research and development budget proposal of 4,871,830.75€ (100%) and with a European grant share of 147,931.00€ (100%) for Terracom. The program will start in September 2020 and will last for 3 years. The consortium consists of 13 additional partners working side by side with Terracom, including important organizations, dynamic companies and prestigious universities from every corner of Europe. The program is coordinated by the University of Barcelona UAB in Spain.

The ITFLOWS proposal supports the design and development of an innovative migration management platform. The EUMigraTool (EMT) platform’s primary goal is to provide accurate information regarding the forecast of refugee fluctuations and then to prepare the ones responsible for making the right decisions at every stage of the migration activity, from the moment they arrive at the doorsteps of Europe to the stage of their integration into society.

In addition to this, it constitutes a program with a high impact and tangible results on modern European society, as it provides information for reducing the risks of possible tensions and conflicts between the refugees and the citizens of the country of establishment. Finally, it extracts conclusions about the real cause of migration as well as the general feeling of the population about refugees.

The program is aiming to provide policy makers, governments and European institutions with the appropriate tools in order to predict the migration flows, develop comprehensive solutions and make the appropriate decisions on time, by taking into account a wide range of human factors and using multiple sources of information.

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