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ITFLOWS seeks to improve both prediction of migration flows to the EU and migration management, as well as to identify risk mitigation between migrants and EU citizens. This entails that the project examines the entire life cycle of the migrant journey to the EU, from reception to relocation, settlement and ultimately integration. The research will assist all actors in the migration process, from EU, national and local government institutions, to policymakers, practitioners, migrants and EU host societies.

In particular, the project’s IT tool, the “EUMigraTool,” will aid in better preparing for the accommodation of migrants and refugees, allowing local stakeholders to forecast the need for resources, allocating them before migrant arrival. Stakeholders it will assist include: first response practitioners involved in migrant disembarkation, along with coastal and border authorities; second-level reception organizations like NGOs and asylum offices responsible for relocation and asylum procedures; and finally, those practitioners and municipalities dealing with integration.

Local authorities are key in migrant integration. Where migrants go and how they integrate into and are received by communities depends on the specific policies and characteristics of different localities. Municipalities affect migration management as they often serve to provide basic social services, including employment assistance, accommodation, health services and education. They may also take direct responsibility for migrant integration in social inclusion policies.  As the ITFLOWS project intends to serve as a resource in assisting municipalities with migrant settlement and integration, continual feedback from municipalities should be incorporated in order to optimize the EUMigraTool.

For this reason, ITFLOWS is currently inviting municipalities to join its Users Board, composed not only of city governments, but also including migration first-responders, second-level reception organizations, and the NGOs and civil society actors that address migrant and refugee integration. In particular, the project is seeking municipalities from EU Member States.

Members of the Users Board play a crucial role over the course of the ITFLOWS three-year project. Firstly, they will validate the EUMigraTool via written feedback, and contribute to its design by articulating what they view are the challenges, needs and priorities in their work. Secondly, Board members would be trained in using the tool. Finally, they would be asked to provide input regarding how the EUMigraTool will be implemented and utilized. Their tasks may involve attending the project’s annual meetings over the course of the three years, with travel, accommodation and subsistence provided. Further information regarding the NDA and remuneration can be provided upon expression of interest.

To view current Users Board members or for further information about it, please click here. If a municipality is interested in joining, please contact Cristina Blasi by filling out the form:

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