Are you an expert on gender and migration? Join our Independent Gender Committee

ITFLOWS is looking for an expert on gender and migration to be part of its Independent Gender Committee. The current members of this body are Prof Floya Anthias (University of Roehampton, London); and Prof Eleonore Kofman (Middlesex University London). A third member for this committee is expected to start working in the team as soon as the 1 December 2020.

The general tasks of the IGC can be summarised as follows:

  1. Reviewing, reporting and advising the ITFLOWS Consortium concerning gender matters in accordance to the nature and the aim of the project.
  2. Providing independent advice and guidance to the Consortium about how to identify, understand and tackle gender issues that may arise during the research process.
  3. Monitoring the design, development and implementation of the EUMigraTool (EMT) taking into account the ethical concerns that such activities may pose from a gender perspective.

In particular, members of the IGC are expected to:

  • To contribute in the production of the Gender Action Plan;
  • To produce annual reports on the gender aspects and issues emerging from the project. In particular, they will identify (1) the gendered drivers of migration in countries of origin (2) the gendered limits and opportunities in the integration process (3) possible gender biases in the realisation of the EMT (4) gender-specific policy outcomes and recommendations. These reports will also be presented at the following meetings of the project: First Review Meeting-M12 (Rome, Italy); Intermediate Technical Review-M24 (Barcelona, Spain); and, Final Review-M36 (Brussels, Belgium);
  • To notify mid-term updates (every 6 months) about the project to inform partners and rise issues to be addressed. These updates will contribute to the annual reports.
  • To review all Deliverables that pose gender concerns and contribute in the specific Annual Ethics Report.
  • To maintain and open line of communication so that any member of the Consortium can consult with them gender doubts or concerns.
  • To be physically present (at least one member of the IGC and the others will participate by teleconference) at the plenary meetings of the project.

Members of the Independent Gender Committee will get a remuneration fee of 5,000 € (gross). Also, travel, accommodation and subsistence will either be provided or reimbursed by Brunel University of London, as leader of the ITFLOWS Gender Committee.

If you are interested in joint this project as member of the IGC, please fill out the form and attach your CV. This vacancy closes on 29 November at 18:00 CET.

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