Andreas Pottakis participates in the Webinar “Deportation Union: the role of Frontex”

On Monday 14 December at 14:30 CET (13:30 in the UK), Andreas Pottakis, Greek Ombudsman and member of ITFLOW Advisory Board, will discuss the creation of the Nafplio Initiative, an independent mechanism for the external monitoring of forced returns by the EU, and other issues relating to Greece.

The Webinar, entitled “Deportation Union: the role of Frontex”, organised by Statewatch and the Transnational Institute (TNI), will also have the participation of Mariana Gkliati, legal specialist on human rights in the area of asylum and migration, to discuss Frontex’s accountability and legal responsibility; and Jane Kilpatrick, Statewatch researcher, to discuss how the role of Frontex in deportations from the EU has grown since 2019.

The overall goal of the Webinar is to examine the increased role of Frontex, the EU Border and Coast Guard Agency, in coordinating and conducting forced removal operations. Do the new powers granted to the agency have sufficient transparency and accountability mechanisms, and what is the agency’s impact on human rights?

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