Migration Policy Centre webinar on attitudes towards immigration and immigrants.

On May 19th, Lenka Drazanova and Jerome Gonnot, researchers from the European University Institute (EUI), will participate in the MPC webinar entitled “Public attitudes towards immigration and immigrants: what are the factors affecting them and what can we do about it?”

This MPC Webinar will examine what are the most influential factors affecting public attitudes to immigration and immigrants, with a special focus on disentangling the differential effects of economic factors and cultural values. Drawing on empirical evidence from global data, the Webinar will also provide recommendations for future action by actors seeking to influence these attitudes.

For this MPC Webinar, the MPC will provide a summary of factors affecting attitudes to immigration and immigrants in a systematic manner while highlighting the differential effects of economic and cultural influences. This allows us to bridge together the state-of-the-art knowledge about what people think of immigration, why they do so and how can we potentially influence their attitudes. We will also highlight how evidence on attitudes towards immigration can be used to inform future migration policy, advocacy and practice.

If you are interested, please register by clicking here

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