ITFLOWS First Annual Meeting

ITFLOWS Project will have its First Annual Meeting in an online format with events spread throughout the month of September.

On 10 September, the Consortium will gather for a one-day internal meeting to take stock of the work done in the first year of the project and to discuss next steps and dissemination strategies. This will be followed by two half-day events on 16 September dedicated to the EUMigraTool (EMT), an evidence-based ICT enabled solution aiming to provide accurate predictions of migration flows towards the EU as well as insights to civil society actors and municipalities involved in first-line assistance and second-level reception.

The EUMigraTool Symposium will take place between 11:00 – 13:00 (CEST) and be open to the public, where ITFLOWS researchers, experts, members of the civil society and officials from the European Commission will discuss the role of AI and predictive technologies in migration governance.  In the EMT Workshop to take place in the second half of the day (15:00 – 17:00 CEST), ITFLOWS researchers from Work Package 6 will present the preliminary version of the EMT to the Users Board, composed of municipalities and civil society organisations in several EU member states working on the reception and integration of migrants and asylum seekers to test, discuss and validate the EMT with this group of end-users.

End of September will host the final set of events. First, in a closed-door expert workshop on 28 September, ITFLOWS researchers from Work Package 3 will gather with a group of experts to discuss their preliminary findings on the drivers and patterns of mixed migration linking several regions of origin to the EU and to foster exchange among the expert community. The series of events making part of the Annual Meeting will end with a public webinar on 29 September between 15:00 – 16:30 (CEST), which aims to take stock of current developments unfolding in different parts of the world with a bearing on migration and displacement trends, and discuss their implications for future drivers, patterns, routes and governance of mixed migration in Europe and beyond.

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