ITFLOWS Researchers will participate in the Global Borderlands conference

On Saturday 18 September 2021 at 9:00 CET, ITFLOWS is participating in the online conference Global Borderlands: getting to the core of crimmigration, that begins on Thursday 16 and finishes on Saturday 18 September 2021. Cristina Blasi (Coord.), Colleen Boland (UAB), Daniel Morente (UAB), Madalina Moraru (BUL) and Alexandra Xanthaki (BUL) will present in a dedicated panel the ITFLOWS project and its insights on the issue of how crimmigration and bordering impact asylum seekers and refugees in the European Union.

The conference is organised by the Leiden University and will analyse the phenomena of crimmigration and bordering holistically, examining different forms of these practices around the globe from a critical and multidisciplinary perspective.

The conference is divided into 4 keynote discussions, 30 panels, a plenary book session and several art & migration sessions, a heterogenous program that aims at providing everyone who is either working on the subject of migration and borders or interested in learning more about the issue the opportunity to share their ideas.

The presentation of ITFLOWS will be followed by a set of interventions by researchers linked to the project and working in matters that range from the role of European and domestic courts in “push-backs” to crimmigration practices in Spain and the human right to asylum.

You can download the programme here

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