ITFLOWS Project Coordinator participated in a seminar organised by COMPAS (University of Oxford)

ITFLOWS Scientific Coordinator, Dr Cristina Blasi (UAB), presented the main features of our project and particularly the objectives, scope and functionalities of the EUMigraTool (EMT) as part of the Work-in-Progress seminar series (WIPS). The session was organised by The Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), a research centre at the University of Oxford.

During her presentation, entitled “The Role of Emerging Predictive IT Tools in Effective Migration Governance”, she explained how the EMT is being developed. In addition, she mentioned other IT predictive tools that already exist and their  strengths and weaknesses.

She also focused on the fact that the EMT will not only provide predictions on migration flows, but also relevant information on attitudes towards migration in some selected countries of the EU, which will be an additional and important asset of such tool.

Finally, after the presentation, there was a round of questions and answers which led to a fruitful discussion among the speaker and the attendees.

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