ITFLOWS project members are organizing PoliticalNLP Workshop

ITFLOWS project proudly presents that project members (Munster Technological University, FIZ Karlsruhe, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, European University Institute, The Centre for Research and Technology) are organising and steering the 1st Workshop or Natural Language Processing for Political Sciences in 24 June, 2022, Marseille, France. Its venue is co-located with the prestigious natural language processing conference LREC 2022. The Workshop invites all researchers, practitioners on the border of computer, political and social sciences to meet, and discuss the newest achievements on this field. Submission of research papers (short and long) are open until 8 April, 2022.

Applications using large volumes of structured and unstructured text data are becoming common in social and political sciences research. As a result, text processing methods used to predict, learn, and discover new insights from socio-political text data that is large in volume and variety, have seen enormous growth in recent years. The workshop will explore the multifarious aspects of effective Natural Language Processing techniques for socio-political data. The workshop aims at providing a research platform dedicated to new methods and techniques on text processing of socio-political content and exploring the use of such methods on information extraction and analysis.

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