The UAB hosted the Collaborative European Research Conference 2023

On 9 June 2023 the UAB hosted the Collaborative European Research Conference 2023 (CERC 2023) at the Sala de Graus of the Faculty of Law. The local organisation has been led by the Institute of European Studies and the Jean Monnet Chair EUPOL.

The Collaborative European Research Conference is an annual and multidisciplinary conference that takes place since 2011, when it was initiated by University partners across Europe. It brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines to foster knowledge transfer, inter-disciplinary exchange, and collaboration.

Every year it gives researchers the opportunity to submit short or full papers new research topics and to attend the conference, especially early-stage researchers.  In previous years, contributions came from computer science, biology, bioinformatics, business information systems, marketing, IT-security, civil engineering, education, psychology, multimedia, art, etc. Contributing students came from Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Norway, France, Turkey, etc. You can find more information in their website.

The conference for this year was in hybrid format and tackled a variety of topics ranging from big data, computing, modelling and privacy, new initiatives and laws in the digital market, and new developments in medical, social and economic sciences. The event took place from 9:00 to 17:30 CEST and was welcomed by Carme Artigas, Spanish Secretary of State in Digitalisation and IA, Dr Esther Zapater, General Secretary of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Dr Susana Navas, Dean of the Faculty of Law. Then, a keynote speech on AI developments and emerging tech laws in the current digital era by Dr Cristina Blasi followed.

The event included three sessions of communications. The first one addressed topics related to “Big data, computing, modelling and privacy”, the second one focused on “New initiatives and laws in the digital market”, and the last one was devoted to “Medical, Social and economic sciences: New developments”. As a novelty of this year, there were awards for the best paper and the best presentation. In this regard, audience in the room and online had time at the end of the conference to participate in the poll for the best presentation and awards were given afterwards.

Researchers from ITFLOWS Project, one of the event’s sponsor, were direclty involved in the conference, in particular, Dr. Cristina Blasi (UAB) and Dr. Haithem Afli (MTU).

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