ITFLOWS Project presented at the Dublin City University

During his invited lecture at Dublin City University on September 18, 2023, Dr. Haithem Afli delivered a captivating presentation that honed in on the profound influence of AI and Data Analytics in propelling the field of Computational Social Sciences forward. Dr. Afli’s discourse illuminated the extraordinary success of the transdisciplinary project, ITFLOWS, emphasizing its central role in significantly enhancing our understanding of complex societal phenomena.

A standout moment in the presentation was Dr. Afli’s live demonstration of the project’s groundbreaking tool, EUMigraTool, which offered tangible insights into the active and impactful contributions ITFLOWS is making to the field. This engaging presentation underscored the vital importance of ITFLOWS and left the audience inspired by the promising future of Computational Social Sciences through the lens of AI and Data Analytics. 

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