Migration Flow Prediction

Prediction of migration flows is a major challenge for the European Union and for stakeholder groups within the humanitarian sector that provide resources and assistance to migrants, including refugees, as part of humanitarian efforts. Yet, in order to develop more humanitarian strategies and instruments among policy makers and practitioners in the field of migration, we need a better understanding of the migration flows into the EU in terms of gender, race, sexuality, class, ethnicity, religion, age etc. 

ITFLOWS generates novel insights on migration prediction and human rights. The purpose of ITFLOWS is to provide predictions of migration flows in the European Union in the phases of reception, relocation, settlement and integration of migration using multiple sources of information. These insights will be provided by an evidence-based ICT enabled solution (the EUMigraTool) and precise models. All solutions have fitness for purpose continually validated by policy-makers and practitioners in cooperation with civil-society organisations in a dynamic and iterative process. 

ITFLOWS proposes tailor-made recommendations for practitioners and policy makers in the area of migration, asylum and human rights. On the one hand, the EUMigraTool is conceived as a decision-support system for aiding first-line-practitioners, second-level reception organisations and municipalities. It will provide modular solutions based on the prediction of migration flows and the identification of risks of tensions between people residing in the EU (EU citizens, their non-EU family members, migrants including refugees).  


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