Are you an expert on gender and migration? Join our Independent Gender Committee

ITFLOWS is looking for an expert on gender and migration to be part of its Independent Gender Committee. The current members of this body are Prof Floya Anthias (University of Roehampton, London); and Prof Eleonore Kofman (Middlesex University London). A third member for this committee is expected to start working in the team as soon … Continued

New Pact on Migration and Asylum

5 November 2020 - 5 November 2020
Mr. Andreas Pottakis, Greek Ombudsman and member of the ITFLOWS expert Advisory Board, will participate in a seminar on the New Pact for Migration and Asylum, released on the 23d September 2020 by the EU Commission. Dr Andreas Potakis will be joined by Ms Chyssa Ηatzi, Senior investigator of the Ombudsman Office. The session will be hosted by Brunel … Continued

EC’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

The European Commission (EC) recently published its New Pact on Migration and Asylum this past month, on September 23, consisting of a communication alongside a package of nine instruments. It outlined the Commission's new guide to migration, including how to approach border management and integrate the internal and external dimensions of migration policy. Over the … Continued

ITFLOWS looking for municipalities to join Users Board

ITFLOWS seeks to improve both prediction of migration flows to the EU and migration management, as well as to identify risk mitigation between migrants and EU citizens. This entails that the project examines the entire life cycle of the migrant journey to the EU, from reception to relocation, settlement and ultimately integration. The research will … Continued

National EMN Conference 2020

29 September 2020 - 29 September 2020
On 29 September, two members of ITFLOWS, Tobias Heidland (IfW) and Andre Gröger (UAB), participated in the National EMN Conference 2020 "Forecasting the Future of Global Migration" in Austria. The National EMN Conference, organised in partnership with IOM's Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC), provided an overview of existing models, studies and tools to predict … Continued


On September 24 and 25, the 14 Partners of the European ITFLOWS project met virtually to discuss the objectives, implementation and impact strategy of the project. The ITFLOWS launch meeting ends after a day and a half of online meetings. ITFLOWS met on September 24 and 25 to celebrate the project kick off meeting. The … Continued

Kick-off Meeting

24 September 2020 - 25 September 2020
The ITFLOWS launch meeting ends after a day and a half of online meetings. ITFLOWS met on September 24 and 25 to celebrate the project kick off meeting. The online meeting hosted more than 50 people from the 14 Partner institutions that form the consortium plus the 5 external committees that supervise the project. Download … Continued

Terracom ITFLOWS

The ongoing multi-sided wars, the instable economic climate, the ever deteriorating living standards of a large part of the population of sub-Saharan Africa and of Middle East countries have led to an unprecedented increase in migration flows at Europe’s threshold, knocking on the door, in order to find a place in the sun, as Europe … Continued

The UAB will coordinate the European project ITFLOWS on prediction and management of migratory flows

This project, coordinated by the Institute of European Studies, seeks to contribute in generating novel insights on migration, to provide accurate predictions and adequate management solutions of migration flows in the EU in the phases of reception, relocation, settlement and integration of migration, according to a wide range of human factors and using multiple sources … Continued

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