Data Sources

This section provides a list of data sources that we’ve used to date for this project.

Hyperlink to the source
Coverage - destination
(countries, regions)
(glossary term)
(pull or push factor)
(how data is used)
ILOView Source WorldwideFood Securitypush
FAOSTATView Source WorldwideWeather conditionspush
IPC Food SecurityView Source Africa, South America, AsiaFood Securitypush
ACLEDView Source WorldwideEventspush
EurostatView Source EuropeAsylum ApplicationsneitherMonthly asylum applications data used as variable of prediction.
EurostatView Source EuropeUnemployment Ratepush
EurostatView Source EuropeUnemployment RatebothUnemployment rates as warning signal for antimigration attitudes
EurostatView Source EuropeIncomepull
EASO Country of Origin Portal View Source WorldwideNumber of Immigrantsneither
HDXView Source WorldwideFood Securitypush
UNHCR - Operational PortalView Source Selected countriesNumber of Immigrantsneither
WDIView Source WorldwideDevelopment Indexboth
World Development Indicators database, World BankView Source WorldwideGDP per capitapush
World Development Indicators database, World BankView Source WorldwidePopulationpush
World Development Indicators database, World BankView Source WorldwideUnemploymentpush
World Development Indicators database, World BankView Source WorldwideAgriculture, forestry, and fishing, value added (% of GDP)push
World Development Indicators database, World BankView Source WorldwideDomestic general government health expenditure per capita, PPP (current international $) [SH.XPD.GHED.PP.CD]push
World Development Indicators database, World BankView Source WorldwideIndividuals using the Internet (% of population) [IT.NET.USER.ZS]both
FRONTEXView Source EuropeNumber of illegal border crossingsneither
WB Governance IndicatorsView Source WorldwideGovernance Indicatorboth
Rulers, Elections, and Irregular Governance (REIGN) datasetView Source WorldwideRisk of coup d'etatpush
OECDView Source EuropeGovernance Indicatorboth
UCDP - Georeferenced Event DatasetView Source WorldwideCounts of people killed and affectedpushCounts of people killed and affected
World Religion DatabaseView Source WorldwideReligionpullReligiosity as an influential factor for migration attitudes- Visualization of percentages across Europe
AIDAView Source EuropeAsylum application dataneitherMapping asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of protection in Europe
ECMWFView Source WorldwideWeather conditionspush
European Social SurveyView Source EuropeAttitudes towards migrationbothSources of individual attitudes to immigration
GDELTView Source WorldwideAttitudes towards migration, risk factorsbothDownload 250 news headlines per day from country of origin. More features currently explored.
UNHCR – Refugee Data FinderView Source WorldwideAsylum seekersneither
EurostatView Source EuropePopulation and AgepullAge of population as influential factor for anti migration attitudes.
EurostatView Source EuropeGDP per capitapullGDP- Attitudes towards migration influential factor
EurostatView Source EuropeDegree of UrbanisationpullDegree of Urbanisation - Attitudes towards migration influential factor
EurostatView Source EuropeEducation LevelpullEducation Level - Attitudes towards migration influential factor
EurostatView Source EuropeAsylum applicantspull
AIDAView Source UKAsylum applicantspull
EurostatView Source EuropeReal GDP growth ratepull
StatistaView SourceUKReal GDP growth ratepull
EurostatView Source EuropeUnemployment RatepushImmigration from outside EU
Office for National StatisticsView Source UKUnemployment RatepushTotal unemployment rate
EurostatView Source EuropeUnemployment RatepushUnemployment rates
UK ParliamentView Source UKUnemployment RatepushYouth
EurostatView Source EuropeNumber of ImmigrantsneitherYouth
EurostatView Source EuropeNumber of Immigrantsneither
EurostatView Source EuropePopulationneither
EurostatView Source EuropeDisposable Incomeboth
OpenStreetMapView Source WorldwideGeographic database of the worldneitherDefine distances between locations
R4V (Plataforma de Coordinación para Refugiados y Migrantes de Venezuela)View Source Selected countriesComplementary data for the total number of asylum-seekers/ unrecognised refugeesneitherComplete incomplete input data for smail-scale mode
TwitterView Source Selected countriesAttitudes towardsd migrationboth

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