EU Asylum and Migration Data

Visualisations on EU migration flows based on country of origin, host Member State, date, gender and age range.

The countries receiving most immigrants in absoulte terms are also among the top recipients of asylum applications.

The right of residence in a Member State is a key principle within the EU legal framework on the social rights to which foreign citizens have access. Consequently, its management applies to the national legislation on social affairs in each EU country.

Income levels, the prevalence of poverty and inequality, and the provision of social security benefits can directly affect migrants’ choices for a destination country. These factors are intimately connected to the capacity of destination countries to integrate migrants into the labour market and societies.

In all European countries, women are more likely to be unemployed compared to men.

In sum, a wide range of socio-economic indicators and considerations can both, directly and indirectly, affect migrant decision-making as to the desired destinations.


his is a demo version of the EUMigraTool. If you wish to have full access to the tool, please submit an application using the following link:

This dashboard shows data that the EMT produced in past months forecasting asylum applications in EU Member States up to December 2023. Full access can be granted after registration at the EMT.

In order to see the data of a full month, users must select the whole month (including the 1st of the month) in order to see the data. It does not provide asylum applications for single days or weeks. NOTE: If an error appears inside the visualisation please ignore it and close it by pressing the “X” box.

Please use the login details below in order to view the visualisations.

Username: itflowsdemo       Password: Itf!0wS#3mo

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