ITFLOWS Documents

In this section we include ITFLOWS main outputs as Journal Articles, Reports and Policy Papers. Please review this section periodically, since it will be constantly updated.

European Muslim Youth and Gender (in)Equality Discourse

Colleen Boland, European Muslim Youth and Gender (in)Equality Discourse: Towards a More Critical Academic Inquiry. Social Sciences (2021)

Fundamental Rights Implications of InterconnectingMigration and Policing Databases in the EU

Cristina Blasi Casagran, Fundamental Rights Implications of Interconnecting Migration and Policing Databases in the EU, Human Rights Law Review, 2021;

Searching for a better life

Predicting International Migration with Online Search Keywords. Böhme M, Gröger A, Stöhr T (2020)


Our colleagues Yiyi Chen, Harald Sack and Mehwish Alam from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute AIFB, Germany, recently published a study which focuses on developing a knowledge base of public attitudes towards migration and their driving forces. The study aims to provide better understanding of public attitudes towards migrations, possible reasons as to why these attitudes towards migrations are what they are, define a Knowledge Base (KB) which takes into account the semantics underlying this field of study, and finally publish this resource using FAIR principles (Wilkinson, 2016), i.e., make the resource Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

Ethics Handbook for the interviewing team

Dr Andrea Guillén (IDT) and Dr Emma Teodoro (UAB) have developed the ITFLOWS Ethics Handbook for the Interviewing Team. The handbook highlights the most relevant ethical issues which must be considered when conducting the interviews with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers during the ITFLOWS project, while also providing provides general ethical tips to address ethical concerns that may arise during the interviews.

Predicting international migratory movements using Google searches

André Gröger (UAB) and Tobias Heidland (IfW), members of ITFLOWS Project, and Marcus H. Böhme (German Federal Ministry of Finance) published a recent article on predicting migratory movements.

How Policy Decisions Affect Refugee Journeys in South Sudan

A Study using Automated Ensemble Simulations, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 23(1) 2, 2020. Suleimenova D. and Groen, D. (2020),

A generalized simulation development approach for predicting refugee destinations

Suleimenova, D., Bell, D. & Groen, D. (2017). Sci Rep 7, 13377 (2017).


Entity-based Analytics of Migration Tweets

Generalised push-back practices in Europe

This brief, written by Madalina Moraru from Brunel University London, outlines the ways in which migrants are exposed to both ‘external’ and ‘internal’ push-backs by and between the Member States, while also underscoring the importance of safeguarding the physical safety and integrity of people seeking asylum. Download the Policy Brief here 

COVID-19 Implications for migrant care workers

The global pandemic COVID-19 has strained health care systems and social services, and caused an overall negative economic and social impact throughout Europe. Migrants en route to or residing in Europe are especially disadvantaged, not only due to border closures, but also because many were already in precarious situations with limited access to social protection … Continued

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