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ITFLOWS Policy Workshop (Brussels)

On the 12th September 2023, the ITFLOWS Policy Workshop will take place at the Alliance4universities, in Brussels (Rue du Trône 62, 7th Floor). This event will mainly gather policy makers, and migration officers and researchers from different European countries. There will be four panels devoted to present and discuss the cluster of ITFLOWS Policy Briefs … Continued

The UAB hosted the Collaborative European Research Conference 2023

On 9 June 2023 the UAB hosted the Collaborative European Research Conference 2023 (CERC 2023) at the Sala de Graus of the Faculty of Law. The local organisation has been led by the Institute of European Studies and the Jean Monnet Chair EUPOL. The Collaborative European Research Conference is an annual and multidisciplinary conference that … Continued

Migration Prediction, Policy and Human Rights

On the 28th April, Brunel University London will organize an in-person policy Conference: “Migration Prediction, Policy and Human Rights” The aim of this 1-day interdisciplinary conference is to highlight the main human rights implications when using migration flow prediction technologies for humanitarian purposes. In 3 separate panels, this conference has the aim to discuss 1) … Continued

ITFLOWS Newsletter #5

We are delighted to share our latest Newsletter with you.This provides details on our activities over the last 6 months of the project, and what it is expected to be come.

Emerging Technologies in Humanitarian Management

On the 30th November at the LSE library, the London School of Economics (LSE) and Brunel University London (BUL) organised an event called “Emerging Technologies in Humanitarian Management,” thanks to ITFLOWS researchers from the BUL Migration Modelling and Simulation Group, Derek Groen, Diana Suleimenova, Alireza Jahani and Yani Xue, who were participating and organizing alongside … Continued

ITFLOWS Scientific Coordinator radio interview

Dr. Cristina Blasi (UAB), ITFLOWS Scientific Coordinator, was interviewed this morning by Badalona Matí Radio, to discuss the ITFLOWS project. She briefly explained project’s features and main outcomes like the EUMigraTool. Find below the full interview (in catalan). *Original source:

Analyzing social media for measuring public attitudes toward controversies and their driving factors

ITFLOWS researchers from FIZ Karlsruhe -Yiyi Chen, Harald Sack and Mehwish Alam- recently published an interesting paper on social media analysis: “Analyzing social media for measuring public attitudes toward controversies & their driving factors: a case study of migration”. This study aims at measuring the public attitudes toward migration in terms of sentiments and hate … Continued

ITFLOWS Newsletter #4

We are delighted to share our next Newsletter with you. This provides details on our activities over the last 6 months of the project, and what it is expected to be come.

Research Fellow Opportunity at ITFLOWS

Calling all experts on human rights at an intersection with migration, refugee and asylum issues! ITFLOWS is hiring for a full-time, fixed-term (10 month) position based in the UK with the Brunel University Department of Law. Candidates with a PhD in the relevant discipline (Law or Politics or European studies or Social Studies relating to … Continued

ITFLOWS interviewed for Horizon magazine

The ITFLOWS project has been interviewed for Horizon, the European Commission’s Research & innovation magazine, along with other projects working in the field of migration and data science. Check the full interview here

ITFLOWS partners organised the first workshop on Natural Language Processing for Political Sciences

On June 24, 2022, ITFLOWS Consortium partners organised and participated in the first workshop on “Natural Language Processing for Political Sciences,” as part of the European Language Resources Association’s 13th Edition of its Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2022) in Marseille, France. Haithem Afli of Munster Technological University (Ireland) led this initiative, joined by … Continued

ITFLOWS Statement on the situation in Ukraine

Regarding the current situation in Ukraine, the ITFLOWS Project prepared an official statement. Read the statement here.

ITFLOWS Newsletter #3

We are delighted to share our next Newsletter with you. This provides details on our activities over the last 6 months of the project, and what it is expected to be come.

We are hiring

Our colleagues from the Computer Science Department and the ADAPT Centre of Munster Technological University (MTU) in Cork, Ireland, are currently inviting applications for a Researcher position in Natural Language Processing. Cork, the second-largest city in Ireland, is an attractive city for students and researchers. The details for this role are as follows: Level: Researcher … Continued

ITFLOWS Ethics Handbook for the interviewing team

ITFLOWS Researchers Andrea Guillén (IDT-UAB) and Dr Emma Teodoro (IDT-UAB) have recently published the ITFLOWS ETHICS handbook for the interviewing team. The overarching goal of this handbook is to ensure the continuous compliance with ethical considerations throughout the duration of the project. The handbook is designed to equip ITFLOWS consortium members with the necessary knowledge … Continued

Opinion by ITFLOWS researcher on recent Afghanistan refugee crisis and EU position

ITFLOWS researcher Dr. Tobias Heidland participates in an Opinion Paper which expresses fears of creating a ‘pull effect’ for migrants by evacuating Afghan staff and reminds the recent evacuations should not be guiding EU policies. You can read the full opinion here:

ITFLOWS Researcher participated in Seminar for Young Policy Professionals

Rosalina Todorova from the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) presented the ITFLOWS project at the XXI Summer Seminar for Young Public Policy Professionals, held in Albena, Bulgaria between September 6 and September 11, 2021. Organised by the Economic Policy Institute, Sofia, the Seminar explored Post-COVID Recovery Scenarios for Central and South-Eastern Europe. The … Continued

ITFLOWS Researchers will participate in the Global Borderlands conference

On Saturday 18 September 2021 at 9:00 CET, ITFLOWS is participating in the online conference Global Borderlands: getting to the core of crimmigration, that begins on Thursday 16 and finishes on Saturday 18 September 2021. Cristina Blasi (Coord.), Colleen Boland (UAB), Daniel Morente (UAB), Madalina Moraru (BUL) and Alexandra Xanthaki (BUL) will present in a … Continued

ITFLOWS First Annual Meeting

ITFLOWS Project will have its First Annual Meeting in an online format with events spread throughout the month of September. On 10 September, the Consortium will gather for a one-day internal meeting to take stock of the work done in the first year of the project and to discuss next steps and dissemination strategies. This … Continued

Predictive AI technologies for migration governance: An ITFLOWS EUMigraTool Symposium

When: 16 September 2021, 11:00 – 13:00 CEST Format: Virtual – Zoom International migration governance, increasingly a policy priority, is a complex field involving multiple actors across multi-level global migration networks. Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have been identified as a promising new set of tools to anticipate and manage future migration flows. The feasibility … Continued

Gergana Tzvetkova (CSD) presented the ITFLOWS project at the Integration Working Group

On July 21, 2021 Gergana Tzvetkova from the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) presented the ITFLOWS project at а regular meeting of the Integration Working Group. It was established by UNHCR and the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants and exists since 2017. It aims at ensuring a coordination response to integration-related needs, … Continued

ITFLOWS Researchers joined Think20

The ITFLOWS project is pleased to announce that its researchers Dr. Asli Okyay (IAI) and Dr. Elena Sánchez (UAB) have recently joined the Migration Task Force of Think20. Think20 operates as an official engagement entity with G20 leaders, serving as an ideas platform: it brings together prominent think tanks and research centres throughout the world … Continued

ITFLOWS Newsletter

We are delighted to share our first Newsletter with you. This provides details on our activities over the first 6 months of the project.

Workshop with the ITFLOWS Users Board on the EUMigraTool

On Wednesday 20 January 2021 at 15:00 CET, ITFLOWS is organising a workshop to officially welcome the Users Board (UB). The workshop seeks to introduce them to the project and to the EUMigraTool, which intends to provide modular solutions to practitioners managing migration by prediction of migration flows and identifying risks of tensions between migrants … Continued

Andreas Pottakis participates in the Webinar “Deportation Union: the role of Frontex”

On Monday 14 December at 14:30 CET (13:30 in the UK), Andreas Pottakis, Greek Ombudsman and member of ITFLOW Advisory Board, will discuss the creation of the Nafplio Initiative, an independent mechanism for the external monitoring of forced returns by the EU, and other issues relating to Greece. The Webinar, entitled “Deportation Union: the role … Continued

Global Event 2020 on Climate Change

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC), a member of the ITFLOWS Users Board (UB) and the Policy Working Group (PWG), organised this event that brought together practitioners and thought leaders across industry, academia, the humanitarian sector, the tech and the start-up community with leading DRC experts into a series of events and workshops exploring the intersection … Continued

Are you an expert on gender and migration? Join our Independent Gender Committee

ITFLOWS is looking for an expert on gender and migration to be part of its Independent Gender Committee. The current members of this body are Prof Floya Anthias (University of Roehampton, London); and Prof Eleonore Kofman (Middlesex University London). A third member for this committee is expected to start working in the team as soon … Continued

FIZ presents ITFLOWS results at ISWC 2020 conference

Last November 2020, FIZ researchers M. Alam, G. A. Gesese, Z. Rezaie and H. Sack presented the paper MigrAnalytics: Entity-based Analytics of Migration Tweets at the A* ranked conference ISWC 2020. The event took place online from 1 to 6 November 2020. FIZ paper includes initial findings within WP5 of ITFLOWS regarding public sentiment towards … Continued

EC’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

The European Commission (EC) recently published its New Pact on Migration and Asylum this past month, on September 23, consisting of a communication alongside a package of nine instruments. It outlined the Commission's new guide to migration, including how to approach border management and integrate the internal and external dimensions of migration policy. Over the … Continued

ITFLOWS looking for municipalities to join Users Board

ITFLOWS seeks to improve both prediction of migration flows to the EU and migration management, as well as to identify risk mitigation between migrants and EU citizens. This entails that the project examines the entire life cycle of the migrant journey to the EU, from reception to relocation, settlement and ultimately integration. The research will … Continued


On September 24 and 25, the 14 Partners of the European ITFLOWS project met virtually to discuss the objectives, implementation and impact strategy of the project. The ITFLOWS launch meeting ends after a day and a half of online meetings. ITFLOWS met on September 24 and 25 to celebrate the project kick off meeting. The … Continued

Terracom ITFLOWS

The ongoing multi-sided wars, the instable economic climate, the ever deteriorating living standards of a large part of the population of sub-Saharan Africa and of Middle East countries have led to an unprecedented increase in migration flows at Europe’s threshold, knocking on the door, in order to find a place in the sun, as Europe … Continued

The UAB will coordinate the European project ITFLOWS on prediction and management of migratory flows

This project, coordinated by the Institute of European Studies, seeks to contribute in generating novel insights on migration, to provide accurate predictions and adequate management solutions of migration flows in the EU in the phases of reception, relocation, settlement and integration of migration, according to a wide range of human factors and using multiple sources … Continued

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