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Meet our partner series:
Today @lenka_drazanova explains @EUI_EU contribution to the ITFLOWS Project.
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As part of our research, @OxfamItalia , @crocerossa & @OCC_Project will conduct interviews to asylum seekers and refugees. Today we are running a training session for the interviewing teams to ensure high quality of the interviews, complying with all ethical & privacy standards.


@CristinaBlasi now presenting @ITFLOWS1 Project at the European Migration Network (EMN) NCP meeting. #ITFLOWS #EMNMigration #EuropeanUnion


@ITFLOWS1 Project Coordinator @CristinaBlasi presents at Day 2 of #P2PKOS, explaining how we work with a great group of collaborators in developing the project's EUMigraTool for EU migration solutions. Thanks to @REA_research for this initiative and opportunity to share!

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