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Data scientists and social scientists are joining forces to better understand the influence that narratives and perceptions of Europe have on migration, why people move and how.

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In June @CSDBuildBridges, @CEPS_thinktank and the Universidad Autonoma De Barcelona co-organized a policy conference, where experts discussed how novel phenomena affects migration and how societies can better aid migrants. @ITFLOWS1


1/3 Our new ITFLOWS report is out on ‘European Union Policies on Onward and Secondary Movements of Asylum-seekers and Refugees’ - check it out! 👇 via @CEPS_thinktank @ITFLOWS1 @marthliu89 @NowMarcoStefan

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🇪🇺 Last 21-22 June, the Policy Conference "Predicting migration: challenges, opportunities, and policies" took place online and in #Brussels, hosted by the @CEPS_thinktank. The results of the @ITFLOWS1 were presented and, as #partners in this project, we couldn't be more excited!

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