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Hurry up! Early-bird registration for the #PoliticalNLP2022 Conference in Marseille on 23 June closes next week. More info about the event: Registration:

Our poster on #EntityTyping in #KnowledgeGraphs on French, Spanish, German, and Dutch @dbpedia chapters using #multilingualLMs has been accepted @eswc_conf #eswc2022 w/ @russa_biswas @YiyiChen @heikopaulheim @lysander07 Pre-print is available here:

Have you fled from the #war in #Ukraine? We want to hear your #story!

In just 10 minutes, you can complete the #EUAA Survey of Arriving #Migrants from 🇺🇦 to help adapt and improve services to your needs.

Visit the following page to complete the survey 🌐

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